Investment Criteria



Although not limited to a particular industry or sector, COOKE, LLC generally will concentrate its investments in information technology companies emphasizing SAS solutions for the following business lines: e-commerce, telecommunications, multimedia and content services, and integration technologies.

Management Team

Experienced, highly capable leadership or entrepreneurial team with the ability to attract and retain quality personel.


Articulated or demonstrated strategy to establish the company with a strong and sustainable competitive advantage (resulting from an clear company vision, unique products, services and/or technology, brand recognition, established distribution channels, etc.), all aimed a large market opportunity.

Geographic Preference

Nationwide in the United States and Canada, but with a concentration on the Mid-Atlantic or Mid-West areas of the United States.

Exit Strategy

Clear and well defined.

Financial Metrics

Preferably revenue generating with EBITDA positive operation.

Investment Stage

Early to expansion stage.

Investment Amount

Investment amounts range from $50,000 to $500,000 USD.

Investment Type

Typically, convertable debt or preferred equity.

Board Participation

Required in most cases.