About Us

Cooke, LLC had as its origin the mission to serve nascent and growing companies by combining the best of "Angel" investing with early stage "Venture" investing. Founder and Managing Director Kim Cooke has spent the prior 20 years acquiring the skills, experience, relationships and context to have access to both quality individuals and deal flow, to negotiate transparent and value investment scenarios, to provide support and guidance to nascent businesses, and to develop world class executives and management teams.

Our History

Mr. Cooke was a founder and eventual Chairman of Blue Water Capital, LLC, Managing Member of the three Blue Water private equity funds. He was involved with the creation of over $1bn of value through liquidity events in the private and public equity and debt markets.

Mr. Cooke has an extensive network of operational and financial professionals whom he regularly collaborates with on private equity and debt opportunities.

These relationships in the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, and Canada have created quality investment deal flow that allows Cooke, LLC to have not only investment opportunity, but also to add value through strategic goal setting, mentorship, and by providing appropirate business contacts.

Our Core Values

At Cooke, LLC we invest in great entrepreneurs ethically running exciting, growing businesses. "Intelligence, integrity, and ingenuity" describe our core values and those we seek out in the people and companies we will invest in. By helping folks with these qualities achieve success we are confident we will do well by doing good.

Our Mission

The mission of Cooke, LLC is to find great entrepreneurs ethically running exciting, growing businesses, and work like crazy with them to achieve professional and financial success. Oh, yes, we intend to have fun while we are at it!